Alister's CDs are also available online at Rufus Records

Also check out, seminal bands from the vibrant 80's scene in  
Australia - Clarion Fracture Zone and Wanderlust - at Rufus Records

Selected Recordings

Clarion Fracture Zone - Blue Shift  Winner 1990 ARIA Award for Best Australian Jazz Album, Rufus Records; VeraBra Records, Germany    
Clarion Fracture Zone - Zones on Parade - Rufus Records. 5 Stars, Downbeat Magazine, USA    
Clarion Fracture Zone - What This Love Can Do - Rufus Records    
Clarion Fracture Zone - Less Stable Elements - Rufus Records. Nominated for ARIA 1997, Best Jazz Album   
Clarion Fracture Zone- Canticle- Rufus Records    
Wanderlust - Wanderlust  Winner 1993 ARIA Award for Best  Australian Jazz Album, Rufus Records; EMI Europe
Wanderlust - Border Crossings - Rufus Records; Laika Records Europe
WanderlustSong and Dance – Rufus Records
Wanderlust- The Full Bronte – Miro Records    
Australian Art OrchestraInto the Fire - ABC Records
Australian Art OrchestraPassion- ABC Records
Andrew Robson - On  -  ABC Records Nominated for ARIA 2003, Best Australian Jazz Album
Squall - Squall- Rufus Records
Carl Orr - Seeking Spirit - RooArt Records
Jeremy Sawkins -Toys - Rufus Records
Alison's Wonderland - Once Upon a Timelessness - New Market Music
Craig Walter's
- First Light - Rufus Records     Mark Taylor – Shakedown – Rufus Records