Isotropes - Sensaround - 2014HellOsquare Recordings cube065

'A wonderfully dense and intriguing ambience.' Cyclic Defrost
'Beautifully sculpted and improvised music, an empathetic sonic conversation.' The WIRE
'It takes electro-acoustic improv into strange subaquatic realms.' The Quietus

Release Date: 7th August 2014
01. sense i
02. sense ii
03. sense iii
04. sense iv
05. sense v
06. sense vi
Alister Spence: Fender Rhodes, Pedals
Raymond McDonald: Alto + Soprano Saxophone
Shoeb Ahmad: Boss SP-202 + SP-303, Pedals
Recorded at Brick Lane, Canberra 23/01/13
Mixed by Shoeb Ahmad
Mastered by Taylor Deupree
The well known Australian jazz innovator Alister Spence and highly regarded Scottish
free improvisor Raymond McDonald come together with hellosQuare boss Shoeb
Ahmad as Sensaround to create a six piece suite titled Isotropes.
Recorded by Ahmad at his Brick Lane space in Canberra after being invited to join
Spence and McDonald as they launched their beautifully minimal duo recording
'Stepping Between The Shadows' along the Australian East Coast, the trio find
themselves exploring limited instrumentation and sound ideas as these recordings
explore their shared love of free improvisation, electronic music and indie pop with
acoustic melodies wrapped up in wind textures, Rhodes tones and sonic detritus.

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