Begin - 2015Alister Spence Music ASM003

Launched February 2015 at Brötz, Gothenburg, SWE

'Brilliant musicianship, masterful playing and imaginative improvisation skills.' Eyal Hareuveni salt-peanuts.eu
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Alister Spence – piano, prepared piano, percussion
Joe Williamson – double bass
Christoher Cantillo – drums, percussion

This is the first CD release from a mesmerising new piano trio.
Australian pianist Alister Spence, Canadian bassist (living in Stockholm) Joe Williamson and Swedish drummer Christopher Cantillo first came together in 2009 to perform Alister’s music at the Vilnius Jazz Festival

They have quickly formed a strong musical bond, establishing a unique sound in both open and structured music. Spence/Williamson/Cantillo explore a sound palette that ranges from raucous earthy momentum, to lyrical beauty, to textural otherworldiness.
This debut album of 13 wonderfully integrated improvisations was recorded at Atlantis Studios in Stockholm in February 2013 after the trio’s third tour together.

Recorded at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, Sweden: 13th February 2013
Engineer: Janne Hansson
Mixed at Studios 301, Sydney, Australia: 20-22 September 2013
Engineer: Tim Whitten
Mastered at the Chapel of Sound, Sydney, Australia: 29th October 2014
Engineer: Paul Bryant

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