Alister Spence Trio: Live - 2015Alister Spence Music ASM004

This recording has taken us a bit by surprise, but in a very good way. In March we asked Ross A'hern to record a trio performance at the Sound Lounge in Sydney, and it sounds so great! As Ross describes it, making a live recording is somewhat of a 'slippery eel.' Many things have to come together: a good sounding room, with an excellent engineer and equipment, and the band being consistently 'on song.' For years I have been looking for a recording that captures the energy and interplay that we enjoy together in a live performance setting. With this CD the stars have aligned! We hope you enjoy the results.

Alister Spence - piano, samples, music box
Lloyd Swanton - double bass
Toby Hall - drums, glockenspiel

Recorded live at the Sound Lounge, Sydney 20 March 2015
Engineer Ross A'hern
Mixed by Ross A'hern at Chapel of Sound

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