Far Flung - Alister Spence Trio - 2012Rufus Records RF105

Alister Spence: piano/trio samples/music box
Lloyd Swanton: double bass
Toby Hall: drums/glockenspiel

Far Flung is the fifth release from the Alister Spence Trio, and their first double CD. This release is a further landmark from a unique and totally captivating group. The 19 tracks on Far Flung are an interweaving of jazz compositions, open improvisations, and re-composed post-production pieces.
As with fit (2009) and Mercury (2007), Far Flung continues Alister’s exploration of the possibilities within jazz music, improvisation and sound as music. This enduring interest in sound and abstraction within jazz was first documented on Clarion Fracture Zone’s ARIA award winning album Blue Shift (Track: La Mar Esta Enferma 1990). In the Alister Spence Trio all the sounds used live and on recordings are those of the trio: offering different perspectives of the instruments and the music. In live performance, triggering pre-recorded samples on a small midi controller creates the extra layers that are heard on the albums. With a performing history spanning more than 15 years Alister, Lloyd and Toby have developed an extraordinary level of synergy in their collaborations. Far Flung provides further testament to this, offering the listener a unified and deeply immersive experience in a mesmerising, sometimes high energy, and often beautiful, world of sound.

Track Synopsis
• Tracks 4, 6, 7, 9 (Disc 1), and 3, 5, 8 (Disc 2), are compositions. 4, 6, 9 (Disc 1) and 3, 8 (Disc 2) are by Spence, and 7 (1), and 5 (2) are transcriptions by Spence of improvised co-compositions played by the trio at a gig in 2011.
All have been in the live repertoire for at least a year. All have stories attached: ‘Sleep Underwater’ was written after a night in Rajasthan sleeping under a swimming pool, ‘Mullet Run’ receives its name from a camping/surfing trip in northern New South Wales at the time of the annual mullet (fish) migration.
Additional layers of piano, glockenspiel and music box (and some effects) have been added by Spence in post-production on Tk 6, 7 (Disc 1) and 3, 5 (Disc 2).
• Tracks 2, 3, 5 (Disc 1) and 2, 4, 6 (Disc 2) are improvised playing instruments conventionally and/or
in a prepared manner.
• Tracks 1, 8,10 (Disc 1) and 1, 7, 9 (Disc 2) are re-compositions, assembled in post-production
(sometimes w/fx) by Spence from various segments of the Megaphon Studio recording session.
Additional overdubs recorded by Spence on piano and glockenspiel.

This CD is a new release and awaiting review.

Reviews of Previous Alister Spence Trio Releases:
'This is a massive breakthrough for the Alister Spence Trio; a collective leap of imagination far beyond
anything the band has attempted before.’
Sydney Morning Herald AU
‘Utterly Compelling’ Jazz Journal UK
‘As I listen my body is swallowed up by the rich sense of space, mimicking Australia’s great land, and
this fresh energy is carried to me like a sweet breeze’
JazzTokyo.com JPN
‘Spence has that priceless gift of always leaving you wanting more.’ Jazzwise Magazine UK
‘Just when you think you’ll never like another piano trio record, along comes something delightful like
Cadence Magazine US
‘Guaranteed to draw you into their captivating musical worlds’ Sydney Morning Herald AU

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