Film Music

Alister has been fortunate to work with some of the best directors in film, short film and documentary, including: Ivan Sen, Tom Zubrycki, Allan Collins and Tom Murray.

A selection of film scores includes:

Journey one hour short film, director Ivan Sen. Winner Best Score Edge of the World Film Festival, Hobart 1998
Tears short film, director Ivan Sen.
Vanish documentary, director Ivan Sen.
Wind short film, director Ivan Sen.
Dust short film, director Ivan Sen.
Shifting Shelter Two documentary, director Ivan Sen.
Yellow Fella a documentary about Tom Lewis star of The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, director Ivan Sen. Selected for Cannes Film Festival 2005
Beneath Clouds feature film, director Ivan Sen. Nominated for Best Score at the Australian Film Industry awards and the Film Critics Circle awards 2002. Winner First Movie Award Berlin Film festival 2002
A Sister’s Love documentary, director Ivan Sen.

Molly and Mobarak feature length documentary. Director Tom Zubriycki.
Premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in 2003.
Dakiyarr versus the King documentary. Directors Allan Collins/ Tom Murray. Winner of the Best New Film Award (Dendy Awards) at the Sydney Film festival June 2004 and selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2005
Spirit Stones documentary. Director Allan Collins. Selected for Sydney Film Festival 2008 (a Dendy Award Finalist).
In My Father’s Country feature length documentary. Director Tom Murray. Selected for the 2008 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

The music for these films is characterised by atmosphere and integration.
Alister is particularly interested in the interface between music and sound design, as characterised by such bands as Radio Head and films such as 'Seven' and 'Traffic'. His involvement with sampling technology and digital recording mediums provides a way in to this area. Alister works in Protools and scores on Sibelius.
From his background in classical music, then as a jazz pianist/composer/arranger, Alister has a thorough grounding in theory, composition and orchestration.

He has composed for many different instruments: string ensembles (from 20 piece orchestra to string quartet to solo cello), uillean pipes, shakuhachi, grand piano, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, ukelele.