‘This trio has learned to defy gravity’ The Sydney Morning Herald

'Spence isn’t capable of writing an uninteresting composition…' International Piano

'In the two decades that Spence (piano), Hall (drums) and Swanton (bass) have been together they have edged away from the thinking of a straight jazz piano trio, arriving at an improvising language more about moods than chord progressions; more about jointly casting spells than virtuosic role-playing'  Sydney Morning Herald

'Art that allows us to be other than who we are, even for a moment, is invaluable…Mesmerising.'  Sydney Morning Herald

‘Just when you think you’ll never like another piano trio record, along comes something delightful like this’ Cadence Magazine (NY).

'Spence has that priceless gift of always leaving you wanting more...He is never less than absorbing.'
Jazzwise Magazine, UK

'Brilliant musicianship, masterful playing and imaginative improvisational skills'

‘Ingenious themes prove fertile sources of improvisation. Spence is definitely a talent deserving wider recognition'
The Wire, UK

'Utterly compelling’ Jazz Journal, UK

’The cutting edge of modern Australia defined’  Sydney Morning Herald

‘It would be no exaggeration to say that Spence’s intellectual taste, and the fact that he doesn’t get caught up in ritual or tradition, highlights an outstanding personality, and that indeed he is fully rivaling the pianists who have brought about the present boom in piano trio music’  Swing Journal, Japan

‘Beautiful. Spence’s piano vocabulary is very distinctive, his playing very fine, with rhythmic excitement and melodic beauty entwined’  Sydney Morning Herald

‘This is the sound of the hammer striking the nail right on the head, sweetly, every time’ Australian Financial Review

‘The sheer power, energy and elan of his playing was breathtaking’  Jazzwise Magazine, UK

‘This is jazz at its most violently inventive and sublimely addictive. Give us more’  Drum Media, Sydney

‘His piano glistened with personality, vitality and invention’   Sydney Morning Herald 

‘Spence brings to the piano the accomplishment of a mature and rounded artist who has mastered the art of building a line, so that his every improvisation becomes a story within a story’ Jazzwise Magazine, UK

‘Rocks like Jerry Lee Lewis running into Thelonious Monk at full speed’ Capital Magazine, Australia